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‎About the College:‎

The Faculty of Physical Therapy, Rashid University, is one of the medical colleges that is interested in studying physiotherapy methods and modern treatment protocols instead of traditional ones.‎

‎Physical therapy is a medical profession and an important branch of medicine that provides services to individuals in order to develop, maintain and restore mobility to the maximum and functional capacity at all stages of life. This includes providing services in circumstances where movement is threatened by ageing, injury, illness or environmental factors. Physiotherapy is concerned with identifying and improving the quality of life and mobility within the fields of prevention, treatment, rehabilitation and rehabilitation, and the college is also interested in studying the comparative diagnosis of sports injuries and the latest methods of treatment and evaluation for them, which is a distinctive feature of the college from its counterparts from the colleges of physical therapy.‎

‎Definition of the physiotherapy profession ‎

Physiotherapy is an important medical specialty in health care where a physiotherapist prepares, coordinates and uses selected information and skills to develop and organize treatment programs for individuals with a disability or a condition that compromises their functional competence due to illness or injury. Physiotherapy focuses mainly on those with actual or potential disabilities related to the neuromusculoskeletal or pulmonary and cardiovascular systems, as well as on the means of evaluating the functioning of these systems and on the selection and application of appropriate therapeutic measures to maintain, improve or restore these functions.‎

‎Physiotherapy methods avoid the patient suffering a lot of collateral damage to traditional treatments, as all means of physical therapy are completely safe and do not cause any side effects, and there are many patients whose health condition does not enable them to use drug therapy. Physiotherapy is the best way to treat them. The physiotherapist also conducts the necessary tests to assist in the evaluation and differential diagnosis of the condition, interpreting the results of these tests, and determining the degree of disability such as muscle strength, motor development, functional ability and respiratory and circulatory efficiency. The calendar also provides a basis for selecting appropriate therapeutic procedures and evaluating treatment outcomes.‎

‎There are several applied methods of physical therapy, including manual and motor therapy, hydrotherapy, electrical and phototherapy, and therapeutic procedures include exercises to increase muscle strength, endurance, neuromuscular compatibility and range of motion. It also includes therapeutic methods that facilitate motor activity and learning, and educate patients to restore daily motor functions. In addition to the use of assistive devices and the use of physiotherapeutic methods safe from side effects to control pain and stimulate physiological functions of the body. This is achieved through the use of hydrotherapy or electrotherapy in its various forms, including the provision of modern safe means of treatment of many injuries.‎

‎The practice of physical therapy requires a full and deep knowledge of the sciences of human body growth and development, in addition to anatomy, physiology, biomechanics, manifestations of disease or injury, normal and abnormal psychological response to injury and disability, and ethnic, cultural, social and economic influences on the individual.‎

‎It also requires familiarity with the principles of education, teaching, management, supervision, consultation and communication with others. Familiarity with other medical roles and functions and planning and developing health facilities and services in the community.‎

‎Physiotherapy also includes a wide range of activities such as supervision, education, management, research and community service, in addition to other responsibilities such as multi-level education, employment, commitment to professional and ethical standards of the profession and taking into account the interests of patients and workers.‎


Achieving competitive advantages that raise the college to the ranks of advanced international physiotherapy colleges


The Faculty of Physical Therapy, Rashid University, aims to prepare physiotherapy graduates who are well qualified to meet the needs of the local and international labor market and enjoy a scientific level and distinguished professional performance of high quality and are equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary to provide quality health services through the continuous development of teaching, learning, scientific research and community participation within a framework of professional values and ethics.


The college mainly aims to improve the specifications of physiotherapy graduates to suit the requirements of the local and regional labor market in order to increase the confidence of the local community in the graduates of the college at the current stage and then gain the confidence of the regional community w global through a set of sub-objectives that can be summarized as follows:

1. Preparing the college for accreditation from the National Authority for Quality Assurance and Accreditation of Education, achieving national and international recognition of the degrees awarded by the university, adopting comprehensive quality methods approved by the National Quality Assurance and Accreditation Authority, and obtaining academic and institutional accreditation for the university, its colleges and units.

2. Adopting educational programs and courses and ensuring that they comply with the National Academic Standards (NARS) and the hallmark of the college and meeting the needs of the beneficiaries and developing the skill side of the student to prepare him for the labor market.

3. Supporting the educational process by establishing a distinctive program that serves the distinctive feature of the college

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